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Stikkan is a cast-iron hand tool invented in Norway in 1982 and now manufactured in Sweden. Fixed to a wall beside a wood stove, fireplace, or in a woodshed, Stikkan is used to make kindling easily and safely.

Stikkan is the original from 1982 and comes with 10 years warranty. Beware of inferior copies, they don't last.

Instructions for use

The Stickan is mounted with the upper mounting holes about 120 cm above the floor. The Stickan takes up little space and can be mounted by the fireplace, wood stove, or in the woodshed. With its elegant design, painted in matte black, it blends perfectly with the environment. The Stickan is galvanized, which means that you can also set it up outdoors.

The Stickan also reduces the risk of damage in connection with wood handling and is designed so that a firewood piece never wedges.

If the firewood is not split in the first step, the knife is lifted and the firewood is placed in a higher "notch" enabling the splitting to continue.