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Cutting Board -Oak- Linen Oiled - 20cmx30cmx3cm - TANZ Products

Cutting Board -Oak- Linen Oiled - 20cmx30cmx3cm

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Cutting Board -Oak- Linen Oiled - 20cmx30cmx3cm

 We also provide massive wood cutting boards for professionals and amateur kitchen.

Wood types available are ash and oak, both hard and durable for many years of use.

Sizes of the cutting boards:

25 x 40 x 4 cm

30 x 50 x 4 cm

40 x 60 x 5 cm

Rolls Royce of the cutting boards, suitable also for professional use. Made of solid oak wood with end grain construction. End grain cutting boards are not just beautiful and rock hard, they are also gentle to your knives. The way the wood is cut leaves the fibers sticking up towards the surface. The knife blade slides between the fibers, which close up again after the knife has left. The end grain surface tolerates chopping and cutting and will remain smooth for a long time with proper maintenance. Our cutting boards come with grooves, oiled through with linen oil.

Handle your wooden chopping boards with loving care. Careful maintenance can extend their life significantly.

Cleanse wooden surface immediately after use with warm (even hot) running water and a soft brush. Rinse right after with cold water to close the fibers. If needed, use a tiny drop of washing liquid. Do not soak wooden utensils or boards. Let dry in an upright position in an airy space.

Wooden chopping boards need regular oiling to help maintain their surface and keep them from drying out. How often you do that, depends completely on how and how often the cutting boards are used. Make sure you use food-grade oil and that the item is properly clean and dry before oiling.

Sometimes the surface is worn unevenly, for example, one side of cutting board is used more than the other. The worn, dried wood will soak up water during washing and the uneven moisture balance may cause it to bow. Moisten the board on all sides, leave on a flat surface to dry, but make sure it dries completely. Oil the cutting board thoroughly.
Do not ever wash wooden utensils or cutting boards in a washing machine.

To deep clean your wooden cutting board, follow these instructions: rub coarsely ground salt with a halved lemon on the wood. Lemon purifies and removes odours. Rinse thoroughly, first with warm (even hot) water, then cold. Let dry in an upright position in an airy space.