Our business has as required informed MBIE of its intention to offer essential non-food products for sale, and provided a list of the products we intend to offer and have delivered by courier. These products are LotusGrill Portable Grills, Charcoal and Lighter Gel. Contact us at info@tanzproducts.com for more informtion.

Eco Chair Alder - TANZ Products Ltd
Eco Chair Alder - TANZ Products Ltd

Eco Chair Alder

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Eco Chair is made of wood and rope only. It is as natural as nature itself.

EcoFurn products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, saunas, spas, terraces, and garden. Different wood types and colors offer a large variety for every atmosphere. The products are simple and yet visually appealing, providing the space for the most important – the Nature.

EcoChair gives You the unforgettable seating experience in two different positions – straighter up for reading and leaning back for more relaxing.

Assembly with just a flexible hemp rope gives the product flexibility towards both the users back and also the ground even if it’s not fully straight. Linen pillow is available for additional comfort.

ALDER, slightly reddish by color, soft and moisture tolerant for spas, saunas, etc. (oiled). Now also available in oiled black.