Our business has as required informed MBIE of its intention to offer essential non-food products for sale, and provided a list of the products we intend to offer and have delivered by courier. These products are LotusGrill Portable Grills, Charcoal and Lighter Gel. Contact us at info@tanzproducts.com for more informtion.

Glass Hood for mini grill G280 - TANZ Products Ltd

Glass Hood for mini grill G280

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The specially developed glass hood with security glass converts the LotusGrill to a true multi-function barbecue. The knob has an integrated thermometer for easy and accurate reading of reached temperature. The ideal heat adjustment is controlled directly on the LotusGrill with the infinitely adjustable heat control switch. The glass hood is set with one simple gesture on the grill grid. Through the glass the grill food can be observed comfortably without having to raise the hood. With this barbecue stove one can bake, refine, roast, and low-temperature barbecue to keep the food warm. The glass hood is easy to handle and after use the cleaning couldn't be more simple. The glass hood can be put for cleaning in the dishwasher.