Our business has as required informed MBIE of its intention to offer essential non-food products for sale, and provided a list of the products we intend to offer and have delivered by courier. These products are LotusGrill Portable Grills, Charcoal and Lighter Gel. Contact us at info@tanzproducts.com for more informtion.

LotusGrill natural lump Charcoal- 2.5kg bag - TANZ Products Ltd

LotusGrill natural lump Charcoal- 2.5kg bag

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LotusGrill natural lump Charcoal- 2.5kg bag

This high-quality  beechwood natural lump charcoal is designed especially for our  Charcoal BBQ It also works well with similar compact / portable charcoal BBQs.

Thanks to the LotusGrill's efficient design, 2.5kg is enough fuel for about 15 cook-ups.

It lights up faster, burns hotter, and creates less smoke than inferior barbeque fuels. It’s also more responsive to oxygen, making it easier to control the temperature with the Lotus Grill’s fan.

The lump charcoal pieces are the perfect size fit for the LotusGrill charcoal canister.

The LotusGrill premium natural lump charcoal is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 100% certified. This means that the wood used to make the lump charcoal comes entirely from FSC-certified, well-managed forests.

Premium LotusGrill natural Lump Charcoal Specifications

  • Light it using the LotusGrill ethanol fuel gel.
  • Made from high quality Beech hardwood.
  • Ignites faster, burns hotter and cleaner.
  • Less smoke with no chemical additives.
  • CO2 Neutral & FSC 100% certified.
  • Energy Density - 31.7 MJ/kg
  • Packaged Weight - 2.7kg
  • Packaged Dimensions - 150mm x 290mm x 370mm

Dispose of used charcoal in non-combustible or metal containers only. Do not dispose of in plastic or flammable containers.

Please Note: Regular charcoal briquettes or heat beads are not recommended for use with the Lotus Grill. They burn too slowly and do not provide a useful amount of heat (we have tried!).