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LotusGrill FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the answers to the most common LotusGrill FAQ

General questions

Lotus Grill is simply the best portable BBQ Grill. Whereas regular charcoal BBQs can take about 40 minutes to reach the optimum cooking temperature, the LotusGrill, with it's innovative fan system can be ready to cook in 3-4 minutes providing simply the best small charcoal bbq in NZ.

The LotusGrill's fan is powered by AA batteries (the original set of batteries are included in your purchase price), which means that you don't require gas or electricity to run your LotusGrill. The fan can be adjusted which means that you can control and adjust the cooking temperature effortlessly. The LotusGrill is easy to dismantle and most parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. A LotusGrill can be picked up easily, even when lit as the outer bowl will not get hot, and it weighs just 4kg. The 'bellows' airflow system means that because the charcoal burns very quickly, smoke is prevented. LotusGrill comes in a range of colours, and each comes with its own carrying bag which is included in the purchase price. There are also many accessories and spare parts should you need them. Finally, it comes with a two year warranty against manufacturing defects (with original proof of purchase).